A removable partial denture is a type of denture placed inside the mouth when some, not all, teeth are missing.

The main purpose of removable partial denture is to fill in the spaces created by the missing teeth therefore preventing the remaining natural teeth from changing position.

A removable partial denture is composed of the artificial teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored base made of acrylic.

This base is sometimes connected to a metal framework that holds the denture in place inside the mouth.


  • Improved eating function.
  • Prevents the movement of the remaining teeth.
  • Preserves the patient’s natural contour
  • Economic


  • Tooth decay (caries) can damage other tooth structures if dentures are not maintained
  • Breaking of dental arch wires if not designed properly
  • Dentures may be too obvious aesthetically

Types/ Kinds:

  • Removable dentures with intra coronal attachments
  • Removable dentures with extra coronal attachments
  • Overdenture attachments

Treatment procedure requires at least three to four appointments with the dentist.

The first appointment is to take an impression (negative copy of the mouth). It will then be sent to a laboratory to generate a copy of the denture base including the artificial teeth.

The second appointment is the trial of the adaptation of the denture base. The dentist checks if the normal bite has been restored properly. The shade of the remaining teeth will also be checked so that the denture will blend naturally.

At this stage, the patients’ input regarding shade should be considered. Final approval of the patient regarding the actual look of the denture should be guaranteed by the dentist before sending it to the laboratory.

The final stage will be try-in of the processed removable partial denture. Correction of the bite and irregularities will be examined and repaired. Final appointment should be made after one week for further adjustment until the denture settles.

Materials include acrylic and porcelain for artificial teeth, and chrome cobalt or gold for the base of the dentures and the arch wires.

Time Span
The life span of a removable partial denture is from five to 10 years with consideration of practicing proper oral hygiene to prevent damage of surrounding oral structures.

Post Treatment
Patients should still regularly visit the dentist every six months for their routine check-up. The dentist will examine the dentures every now and then because oral structures change naturally in time.

Eating and chewing should be on both sides to balance out the loads on the denture. Proper cleaning of dentures will also be given by the dentist to achieve the longest life span of the dentures.